The Duchess of Spring

The Duchess of Spring

The Lady of Winter has awakened a magic that has remained dormant in the blood of the Royal Elementals for generations, thanks to the help of a mysterious dignitary visiting from a foreign land, and is declaring war on the realm, starting with the Spring Court.

When Zinnia is forced to flee the palace at the command of Finn, the officer sworn to protect her with his life, she goes without question. As she escapes into the night in a caravan of court attendants she learns not only of the true nature of the threat in the North but also the truth about secrets that have been kept hidden her entire life.

If the Lady of Winter grows stronger and more powerful as she learns to wield her magic, an army from every court won’t be enough to stop her. The only way to fight magic, the Duchess of Spring realizes, is with magic. But if she is to convince the other courts she’ll need to tap into her own magic first. That’s where Finn comes in… though it may cost him his life.

Once Zinnia has sparked her magic to life can she convince the others, starting with the Prince of Summer, that the only way to stop the Lady of Winter is to work together, to infuse the bloodline magic into a unifying power together?

The Elemental Lovers is a mixed harem fantasy serial. Each part is approximately 10k words and features mature sexual content involving multiple partners of mixed gender (mixed harem).