Three Dark Souls

My human life now belongs to Caspian Night, heir to the fae Court of Shades. A murderer and I his punishment for the crime. Now all that awaits us is the final act of the mating ceremony, where I will be expected to perform the duties of Lady Nightfall and carry out Caspian’s scheme to be kingmaker.
To stay alive I will have to choose to leave behind Clementine Thornbury, and fully embrace Lady Nightfall – including the pit of darkness that dwells within her. Without it, I don’t know I’ll survive my new mate. Or his father, the High Lord, whose golden eyes seem to follow me everywhere. Even into the chamber, where he will act as witness to the mating ceremony.
Three Dark Souls continues The House of Nightfallen series… and contains strong sexual themes suitable for mature audiences only. Read on the go! This series is being released in short, novellete-sized parts (lots of story packed into 7k words).