One Dark Kiss

One Dark Kiss

I’ve always known it was my destiny to live in service to the fae. That the first 18 years of my life were all preparation for the day I’d leave the human compound and enter the realm of the Beyond. The Fae realm. But while I assumed I’d end up a slave or some lord’s concubine, I never once imagined I’d end up in the darkest corner of the fae realm… The Court of Shades.

Ruled by the most feared and powerful High Lord from the House of Nightfallen, whose son and heir has just taken the life of a Priestess with the gift of sight. And me… I’m to be his punishment. The human he must take for a mate, even if it means the end of the House of Nightfallen for good.

From the moment the lights go out that first night in the stone castle, my life is in danger. Shadows blacker than the darkest night seek me out with murderous intent. And nearly succeeds before a vision of a terrifying future changes everything. And a single kiss unlocks a new world of fear and need that I never knew before.

Read on the go! This series is being released in short, novelette-sized parts (lots of story packed into 5k words).