The Prince of Summer

The Prince of Summer

To fight against an attack from the Lady of the Winter Court, the Duchess of Spring has tapped into her own bloodline magic after fleeing from the Spring palace. She heads toward the Summer court and the Crown Prince therein, seeking an ally and a partnership in traversing her newfound logic.

For Sol, being the Prince of Summer means being little more than a figurehead who charms and beds Summer maidens and keeps the Capital gossiping while the adults manage the actual court. And that’s just the way he prefers it.

Until a white blonde haired Duchess stumbles into his court looking for help, and he found himself powerless to resist her.

The Price of Summer picks up where The Duchess of Spring left off, in this continuation of The Elemental Lovers, a mixed harem fantasy serial. Each part is approximately 10k words (The Prince of Summer is nearly 14k) and features mature sexual content involving multiple partners of mixed gender (mixed harem).