Truth or Strip

Truth or Strip

Veronica Boxer is wasting no time in getting the leg up on her competition for a promotion at work. Even if it means sacrificing the occasional Saturday to get in a few extra hours of work. Her plan goes awry when she realizes she’s not alone in the office, but joined by none other than Jake Connard himself, her colleague and sole opposition to the new job.

She treats him like she does any ordinary day – by pretending he doesn’t exist at all. Which works until the storm intensifies, knocking out power and closing down traffic all throughout downtown. Stuck inside while the storm rages on, Veronica and Jake strike up a conversation over the fireplace in a co-worker’s office.

Lights out and whiskey glasses always refilling, they engage in a game of Truth or Strip – one asks the other a question and if the other declines to answer they must remove an article of clothing. Veronica thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to gain insight on her competition, but finds instead that everything she thought she knew about Jake was wrong. Right down to the very first day they ever met; the very first bad impression he ever gave her.

TRUTH OR STRIP is a clean, will-they-or-won’t-they romantic short with no cliffhanger and a happy ending.
8,000k words